20 April 2017

1Password: passwords with travel mode for border controls

There are apps with a travel mode feature that remove all your passwords, which could then be retrieved later.

Border controls

It is well-known that US border controls have become increasingly stricter and that social media login data is also being asked. But they are also authorised to collect phones and check them. ‘And that's also what this feature is designed for’, says AgileBits (creator of the app).

How does it work?

Before you travel, you must create a separate section of passwords on the app's website, such as login details, codes and notes that you want to use on the go. This collection is then marked as ‘Safe for Travel’.


On the app's website, you can then activate travel mode prior to your trip. When you enable this mode, all other passwords that are not marked, as Safe for Travel will be deleted for all devices associated with it. When you have activated this mode, this cannot be retrieved. AgileBits promised that there would be no trace of all deleted passwords. Once you have arrived at the destination, you can turn this feature off again via the website. When you open the app, you can download all your deleted passwords again. However, this app is not free to download, you have to pay for it.