How does it work

Requirements for the ESTA application: Your passport
Payment requirements: Debit Card or Credit Card
Our ESTA application process is a very logical and easy process by means of 5 simple steps. First of all, the application form runs you through a specific set of questions. Once you have entered your personal details in the required fields, you will then be asked to click on the button ‘next’ which takes you to the next step. At the end of step 5, make sure your data is entered correctly. If you are unsure what is required in a certain field, you can always move your mouse across for additional information.

You then click on the "pay" button to finish your application process. If you wish to apply for more ESTA documents for other travellers, such as your spouse or sibling, click on the "add traveller" button and fill in the correct information. Once you have completed the application again, click on the "pay" button. Here you will find the payment options. You can choose your preferred payment method and once selected, your payment is completed.

Once we have received your payment, we will check your application for any errors and on completion, the application is submitted directly to the US CBP. Within a few hours, you will receive your official ESTA by email. Usually this takes only a few hours but with some exceptional cases, the US government investigates for up to 72 hours before the ESTA is assigned.
When you travel to the USA you do not have to show a printed version of your assigned ESTA at US Customs. However, we recommend that you do print your digital ESTA document and take this with you for your own convenience.

It is very important that all the information you enter in the required fields resembles that in your passport. For instance name, surname, date of birth or passport number.