02 February 2017

America does not want any electronic devices in the cabin

The US is prohibiting electronic devices, which are larger than a mobile phone (laptop, tablet, etc.) in the cabin for various flights.


These are flights from several countries in the Middle East and North Africa flying to the US. America considers this ban necessary because of all the terrorist threats recently. As mentioned earlier, it concerns rather the bigger devices and not mobile phones for instance.


As it seems now, this prohibition applies to twelve foreign airlines from twelve countries. The US Department of Internal Security will soon announce the new rules. Travellers flying to, among others, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Qatar, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates and Jordan will be confronted with the new rules. They may still carry these devices, but they should then leave them in the luggage compartment when they check in for the flight.


It is said that the US government heard that there was a terror threat a number of weeks ago. Unfortunately, the White House does not want to say anything about it and nobody actually knows what was going on and whether the threat would still be present. CNN has learned from a reliable source that this rule was triggered by new information on Al Qaeda on the Arabian Peninsula. They would have received this information through an invasion of commands in Yemen.


The Jordanian airline, Royal Jordanian Airlines use Twitter nowadays. They have communicated with travellers looking to fly to the US, through Twitter about the new rules. As mentioned earlier, travellers may still carry mobile phones and approved medical devices are also allowed.


After the United States came with this new measure, the UK soon followed. The United Kingdom prohibits these electronic devices for flights from Jordan, Turkey, Tunisia, Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Lebanon to Great Britain. The airlines, which are involved include: Thomas Cook, EasyJet and British Airways.