11 September 2016

Battle ax between the US and Cuba seems to bury

Battle ax between the US and Cuba seems to bury

Beginning this year, the US and Cuba signed an agreement to improve their ties. After more than fifty years of enmity following the communist revolution of 1959, they finally reached an agreement to improve their relationship. This agreement must ensure that economic cooperation is progressing. Cuba also promised to relax the law prohibiting island residents from entering the country via the sea.

First cruise ship

In spring, for the first time in nearly 40 years, an American cruise ship arrived in Havana, the capital of Cuba. The last time an American cruise ship arrived in Cuba was in 1978. The ship, which arrived in Cuba in May this year, can transport about 700 people and departs from Miami. The trip from Miami to Cuba lasted seven days and made stops in Cienfuegos and Santiago de Cuba ports.

First commercial flight

And finally, the first commercial flight between the US and Cuba is a fact. JetBlue Airways is the first American carrier to make the flight. The Department of Transport in Washington issued licenses for scheduled flights earlier this year. There was little or no contact between the US and Cuba. Now through mutual contact between the countries US and Cuba, this flight was established. In the coming months, more and more airlines will start with regular flights between the US and Cuba. American Airlines is the company that can carry out most flights. The first flight of the Airbus 320 (from JetBlue) has departed from Fort Lauderdale, located in the State of Florida, and landed in Santa Clara. This city is renowned for the monument to freedom fighter Enesto 'Che' Guevara. In addition to regular passengers, there were also some high-quality detectives and journalists aboard the Airbus 320.

Positive growth

The largest Cuban communities are in Miami and Fort Lauderdale (in the state of Florida). These cities can now offer 83 flights a week. These are divided into six different airlines. These positive changes have already led to a growth in the number of tourists visiting Cuba. By 2015, 17.4% more tourists visited Cuba than in 2014.