13 August 2017

CBP comes with new function for I-94 website

US Customs and Border Protection adds a new feature to the I-94 website, which is: checking the status of the visitor’s stay in the US.

CBP comes with new function for I-94 website

US Customs and Border Protection has announced that they added a new feature to the I-94 website that allows certain VWP (Visa Waiver Programme) travellers to check the status of their stay in the US. The passengers must then enter four fields with biographical data to see how many days they may still stay in America.


In the end, CBP wants to ensure that travellers receive an email ten days before their departure date, including the number of days they may stay in America. This could prevent people from staying longer than permitted and thereby exceeding the terms of admission.


Admission conditions can vary widely for travellers based on their destination, Visa and characteristics. Eventually, this new feature will help travellers to find the date of their stay in the US, said Commissioner Kevin McAlleenan. ‘CBP is committed to facilitating travel and improving the international travel experience for US citizens as well as for US visitors.’


To be able to figure out the date of someone’s stay in the US, a traveller needs to fill in a number of things: name, passport number, date of birth and country of issue of the passport. When a traveller does not meet the conditions, the traveller will be informed by email and referred to the I-94 website which informs the traveller about the next steps to be taken. An 'overstay' for instance means that someone has been admitted to the U.S. for a certain period but has stayed longer than allowed.

Period of stay

The duration of the stay in the US may vary per traveller as it is based on classification. This can be a fixed period or can be based on the purpose of the trip, such as completion of a particular activity, or for example a student who wishes to obtain a university degree. There will be a certain limited period of time per traveller.


In September 2016, CBP introduced a website where you can request and pay an online I-94 form for travellers entering America through America. On the application form you enter your biographical data and travel data. For this you pay an amount of $6. The form should be requested at least seven days prior to the trip.