21 July 2017

Extra controls when you fly as a parent alone with your child

Do you travel alone as a parent with a child? Then that is not possible without consent. In this article we explain what exactly these rules are that need to be applied. If you have to fly as a parent or grandparent alone with your minor child or grandchild in the coming summer, please note that you will have extra checks. For instance you must have a written consent that the other parent has permission to travel alone with the child. This will be checked upon. This extra control takes a lot of time.

The reason

This extra check is of course not without reason. This would prevent kidnapping of children and check is carried out by COB. Officers check whether the written proof of consent is present. The Director of the International Child Abduction Centre, Coskun Çörüz, said: ‘When the permission is not clear, they do additional research, which happens dozens of times a day. This cannot be done at a desk so we therefore advise people to leave on time, otherwise there is a chance that the flight may be leaving without you’.

Departure on time

It is advisable to leave on time so that you do not get late and miss your flight. The normal check will be done at the desk, so when you travel without a minor children you can leave slightly later. Only the check in which additional research is carried out, is done elsewhere so please bare that in mind.


If you travel alone with a minor child, you can prevent a delay by filling out a form in advance. Please check our FAQ section for further information.

Travelling of a minor unaccompanied

If you want to travel as a minor without guidance, we advise you to contact your travel organisation. Airline companies have their own restrictions on traveling unaccompanied. Also, please be aware which documents you should have on arrival at your destination and what exactly you should be able to show to customs. This can also vary from country to country. On our website you can find further information on the topic as well.