28 June 2018

It's a nature lovers heaven

The gorgeous region on the west coast of The United States, the Big Sur in California, is a concatenation of the most beautiful landscapes. If you drive down the road which goes right through the gorgeous nature, you will be driving through some of the most incredible areas in The United States. You will want to make stops regularly to admire this beautiful nature or walk through the area. Also take time to stop the car at the moment of sunset, so you can take your time to look at this incredible phenomenon. 

Highway 1 is the road that leads you along the breath-taking coast line of California. The Big Sur between San Simeon and Carmel is without doubt the most amazing area. You won’t find a single traffic light or mall for 145 kilometres, it is like you are the last person left on earth. The route leads you through dense forests, rocky coastlines, high mountain tops and deep valleys. The route itself is already so pretty that you won’t even need to explore more. However, there are spots on the way that are definitely worth the pitstop. For example, the Bixby Creek bridge, this enormous bridge is one of the largest in its kind and is wedged between two rocks. 

The entire coast is very capricious since it is made up out of rocks, to reach a beach you will often need to walk for a bit and climb over the rocks. Out of all the hidden beaches, Pfeiffer is the most beautiful. On this beach the sand colour is purple due to the coloured stones, this in combination with the incredible rocks on the beach is definitely worth a stop. In front of the coast in the ocean stands an arched rock and when the sun sets it shines right through the arch. 

You will have an amazing view of the sea at Point Sur, this green rock is located a few metres of the coast and is connected to the main land by a beach. Something that you will notice immediately is the lighthouse. This old lighthouse is no longer being used, but you can tour and enjoy the beautiful view from the lighthouse. 

If you would like to go hiking during the car ride, the Pfeigger Big Sure State Park is the perfect place to do so. This is the largest park of the Big Sur. You will be hiking through the ancient old trees, which are a couple of dozen meters high. Not only the old trees make for a beautiful and adventurous hike, but also the steep cliffs and the Pfeiffer Falls, a gorgeous water fall. If you would really like to take your time in this magnificent forest you can choose to stay at a small camping, which is located in the midst of the forest. You could stay here in a tent. 

You can visit various water falls on the route, the most special one is the McWay water fall in Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park. This 24-metre-high water fall ends in a small bay. The water flows between rocks to the golden sand into the azure sea in the bay. In the winter it is even possible to go whale watching here. 

The best time to drive this route is in the months April to October, the weather during that time is nice and warm. The facilities around the route are also opened during this time. Although there are also a lot more tourists during this period, since the route is so popular.