30 August 2018

Most beautiful places of Arizona

These are the top ten most beautiful nature spots on Arizona:

1.     Monument Valley

On the border of Arizona and Utah is the land of the Indians. The nature reserve ‘Monument Valley’ was the décor for many Westerns. The Mittens are alone standing, enormous rocky formations, which have an orange colour. These special rocks change to the most beautiful colours at sunrise and sunset. You can discover the park by going on one of the tours, by jeep or by horse accompanied by a guide.

2.     Lake Powell

Lake Powell is also located at the border of Arizona and Utah. It is a beautiful blue lake which is being contrasted with the spectacular ochre coloured rocks around it. In the area surrounding the lake you can find many sights which are worth a visit. Like the Rainbow Bridge, one of the largest mountains in the world, the Horseshoe Bend and unknown rocky areas like the Coyote Butts and the White Pocket.

3.     Antelope Canyon

The last canyon at Page, which is named the Antelope Canyon, is worth the visit. The gap is located under the ground. There is a path that runs through the gap. You can discover the canyon with a guide.

4.     Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is the best part of a round trip through Arizona. Since it is a hundred times more impressive and spectacular in real life than it is in all the pictures you have seen. If you decide to descend the Grand Canyon you will truly understand the depth of the gap. Pay attention: every step you descend you will have to go up again too.

5.     Havasu Falls

Havasu Falls is one of the side gaps of the Grand Canyon on the west side. It is a ravine with high red rocky walls. The gap is easily accessible on foot or by horse. In this area you can find some of the most beautiful water falls that Arizona has to offer. One of those is the Havasu Falls. The azure water gives an amazing contrast against the orange coloured walls. From the parking lot it is a 13-kilometre-walk to Supai. From there it is about a 2-kilometre-walk to the 23-metre-high Navajo water fall. If you walk on for one more kilometre you will reach the Havasu Falls. This water falls is over 30 metres high and breathtakingly beautiful. In the turquoise pool at the foot of the water fall you can take a nice swim. Further along the route are even more water falls and you will eventually end up at the Colorado river. The gap will get narrower and harder to tread over here.

6.     Coal Mine Canyon

North of Cameron, close by Tuba City, you can visit the Coal Mine Canyon, which we would definitely advise you to do. It is a gorgeous gap with a ton of different colours. And you will not run into anybody down here! 

7.     Petrified Forest National Park

Now we have reached a reserve that is located more south, in the area of Flagstaff. West of this town you can find a relatively unknown park. The hills show various layers in diverse colours like, brown, grey and red. There are petrified trees all over the place. About 225 million years ago there used to be a forest of sequoias here. Nowadays the petrified trees are scattered all over the desert area. You can drive through this national park, but it is even more fun to go hiking through the park. A great recommendation for a hike is the Blue Mesa Trial, this trial has beautiful views.

8.     Little Painted Desert

East of Flagstaff on the interstate 40, is a road, the Stage Route 87, which leads from Winslow to the North. If you follow this road for about 20 kilometres, you will find a side road on your left-hand side. This side route will lead you straight to Little Painted Desert County Park. These are Badlands: bare hills with horizontal strips in spectacular colours. Dark red, purple, grey, yellow and orange: the colours are breathtakingly beautiful. The colours look best in the late afternoon. A 3-kilometre-long drive runs through the nature reserve; however it is closed very regularly. The park is managed by the Navajo Indians.

9.     Canyon de Chelly National Monument

Chelly and the canyon belong 100% to the Navajo. Access to the park is limited and it is only possible to enter under supervision of a guide or ranger. The white House Ruin is a path that is accessible to all visitors. In general people visit the Chelly and the canyon with car, driving over the North Rim and the South Rim drive. Highlights you do not want to miss when you visit this place are the beautiful rock formations, under which the well-known 240-metre-high Spider Rock, and the


10.  Sedona

The Sedona is definitely worth your while, it is located in central Arizona, south of Flagstaff. During your road trip through the south west of The United States take your time to make a stop here before or after your visit of Flagstaff. Especially because of the dark red rocks, the most famous one is the Cathedral Rock, which looks particularly beautiful during sunset. The hiking trails are very hard to discover, you can however take a nice walk here. The nature in this reserve is absolutely gorgeous.