13 September 2018

Motorcycle trips through The United States

Route 66

When thinking about motorcycling in The United States people often think of Route 66, which is the oldest and most famous highway in The United States and which originated in the 30s! Many movies and videoclips have been shot here. This highway will give you the illusion you are experiencing a wild west adventure. The highway is a total of 3940 kilometres long, it begins in Chicago and ends all the way on the beach of the Pacific in Santa Monica, Los Angeles. This route should be on every fanatic motorcyclist to do list. 

The best time to make this trip is in the summer, all the loose sand and sun-drenched roads will give you the ultimate born to be wild feeling. The moment you get on your motorcylce you will travel back in the American history. Along the way you will see many impressive landscapes, old motels, and old gas stations which you will normally only see in old American movies. You will also see many typical American diners and Cadillacs. 

When you follow the Route 66 you will go through eight states: Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. You will also cross three time zones. Be aware of the many different types of weather you might encounter. 

Florida Coast and Keys tour

Of course, you can also choose to go on one of the many other motorcycle trips, for example The Florida Coast and Keys tour. The perfect trip to take if you like sun, fun and relaxing. The motorcycle tour isn’t called the bikers paradise for no reason. It is better if you try to avoid the months July and August when doing this tour due to the extreme heat in these months. The best part of this route are the 150 kilometres you will drive along the Keys, all small islands that lead to the Gulf of Mexico. 

Orlando is the perfect stop along the way for amazing night life. In Orlando you will find huge theme parks like Disneyland and SeaWorld. After a night of fun there is nothing more fun then touring around on your motorcycle and enjoying the gorgeous environment, like Sint Petersburg. 

You will be surrounded by gorgeous white beaches, bright blue water and huge palm trees. From this palm tree city, you can make beautiful boat trips, for example a trip to Sanibel Island, which is known for the thousands of shells that drift ashore here every day. 

There is much more you can see and enjoy on this trip. Like the subtropical jungle in Key West, where you can find a ton of beautiful plants, flowers and animals. A guide leaves to give a tour through the jungle every hour, don’t forget to cover your arms and legs to protect yourself against the insects. The Everglades, a national park which covers the entire south point of the state, is also definitely worth a visit. 

In the Everglades there are a lot of small and big alligators, and countless types of birds in all kinds of colours and sizes. Go on the small canals in a canoe together with a guide, these canals are hidden between the enormous mangrove trees. Here you will find absolute silence, the only thing you will hear is the sound of the canoe through the water and sounds the animals make. If that doesn’t make you feel relaxed….