06 August 2016

Obama's speech: Islamic state loses ground, but danger remains

Barack Obama says that the bolster of Islamic State has diminished, but warns that the terrorist cell is still a threat.

Obama's speech: Islamic state loses ground, but danger remains

US President Barack Obama says that the bulwark of Islamist State has been weakened but warns that the terrorist cell is still a threat. The terrorist cell has not been able to perform attacks in Syria or Iraq in the last year. IS influence is being reduced and loses more ground, but IS has been able to attack in Orlando, France, Germany, Bangladesh and Iraq. While IS is losing ground in Syria and Iraq, Obama expects that they will adjust their strategy and focus more on attacks in the West. In addition, they will appeal to individual supporters of IS or small terrorist cells to more attacks in the West, is his thought.

Individual sympathisers of IS are difficult to detect

According to Obama, security services can hardly prevent such attacks. ‘It is very difficult to detect individuals or small terrorist cells and prevent future attacks.’ Obama added that it is important not to allow fear.

IS will be defeated.

Obama argues that IS is not unbeatable. On the other hand, he states that it is inevitable that IS is being defeated. He expects IS to lose their base in Mosul and Raqqa.

Wrong strategies

With this, the threat of the bulwark has not disappeared. Obama says that the United States or NATO cannot be defeated by IS, but the United States can unintentionally harm itself if a wrong strategy is adopted. He warned of wrong decisions such as an immigration hunt for people with certain beliefs or killing civilians in areas of war. Such a policy can go wrong, if we want to win this fight then we should not reflect this battle as a conflict between Western culture and Islam thus Obama. With this, Obama addressed the attitude of the presidential candidate Donald Trump, but did not call him by name. Trump pleaded in the pre-election campaign for an unsatisfied approach to terrorism and an immigration ban on Muslims. Donald Trump has blamed Barack Obama several times for being too weak against IS and other terrorist attacks.