14 February 2017

Obtaining Visas for America is getting harder

The US government is working hard to sharpen the demands for obtaining a Visa. Think for example of giving social media information.

Obtaining Visas for America is getting harder

Since Trump is in power, people from certain countries are having a hard time applying for an American visa. However, this will get even more difficult. According to The New York Times, the US government is aware that the requirements will become even more stringent than they are already. US embassies have heard from Foreign Minister Rex Tillerson that demands of control will be sharpened. For most European countries, nothing changes about the level of control.


Of course, Rex Tillerson is just following Trump's orders. He wants to make Visas for the US more difficult for certain countries and he wants the increased level of control to be expanded. In particular, this concerns the check of personal backgrounds, but also on social media. This is applicable for example, on the application form when applying for an ESTA, when the applicant is asked which social media they use. However this is not necessary to fill in, in order to complete the application process. For more information check our website www.esta-application.uk.

Entry Prohibition

Federal judges temporarily dissolved the ban on entry, which was initially created for seven Islamic countries and later for only six Islamic countries. Meanwhile, a federal court in Hawaii has definitively withdrawn this. The reason for this is that this ban on entry violates the law because it mainly affects the Muslims. When it comes to a particular group, this is discriminating and it is not allowed in the US. A judge in Maryland is also fully behind this court's decision. He also argued that the entry ban was in violation of the US Constitution. However, a judge in Virginia disagrees to this decision. According to him, Trump has adjusted the entry ban sufficiently, making it no longer discriminatory. The White House acknowledged this.


Trump mentioned he had taken this measure to make America safer. But the Trump government has not been able to prove that the entry ban would make America truly safer. It appears that no terrorist who came from one of the countries mentioned by Trump, has made victims for the past few years. However Trump has already announced that he wants to fight to have the entry ban introduced in the end.