04 October 2018

Rocky Mountain National Park

In the west of North America, the Rocky Mountains are located. These mountains stretch over an area of more than 4800 kilometres from New Mexico to Canada. Every year many tourists come to visit the Rocky Mountains. The Rocky Mountains are also called the Rocky’s, they go through different national parks like: Waterton, Grand Teton an Glacier National Park, and in Canada through Banff, Kootenay, Yoho National Park, Jasper and Yellowstone. And of course, Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado. These parks have various viewing places where you have a magnificent view of the Rocky’s. 

Animals in the Rocky’s 

When you visit the Rocky Mountain National Park, you will of course want to see some animals. This can be difficult sometimes, since this is really dependable on the season. The most common types of animals are: deer, coyotes, otters, bats, wapitis, elk, bighorn sheep, black bears and puma’s. Even though you probably won’t see a black bear or a puma here very fast. These are very shy animals and won’t show themselves. The wapiti on the other hand isn’t shy at all and therefore you will probably be able to see the wapiti in the park. If you want to see any animals, it is best to visit the park during the evening or morning. It is prohibited to feed the wild animals. 

The park

To enter the park, you should follow the Trail Ridge Road with your car from Denver (Colorado). These roads will bring you high into the mountains. When you get higher up in the mountain you will see less plants and trees, since they cannot exist at these heights. When you have reached the highest point, you can enjoy a gorgeous view of the whole park. You can also see the highest mountain from here. Which is Mount albert, and is 4,402 metres high. 

Staying in and around the Rocky’s 

The Rocky Mountain National Park is very large, which makes it hard to see everything you want in one day. Luckily, there is a way to stay longer, you can stay overnight. This is ideal, because it gives you the time to enjoy the park. If you like camping you can even do this in the park. If you would like a bit of luxury you can rent an accommodation in the surrounding cities. We would advise you to make a reservation for the camping places or the accommodations, especially in the summer months. Or go look for your own recreation home in The United States. 

The weather 

The weather in the Rocky’s is very changeable. It can easily snow or rain in the summer. Therefore, some hiking paths can be closed to visitors since it can be dangerous to tread these paths. Always be careful. If you visit the higher areas of the Rocky’s it is often a lot less capricious, however it will be colder here than in the valleys. The best thing to do is to wear different layers of clothing, this way you can take of some layers when you get hot, and you can put them back on when you get cold. Always check the weather at forehand, to prevent getting caught in a thunder storm. Unfortunately, this is hard to predict due to the huge temperature changes.