22 June 2016

Senate of the United States is against the law for the ban on arms sales to terrorist suspects

On Monday, June 20, the US Senate rejected four proposals to limit the sale of arms in America.

Senate of the United States is against the law for the ban on arms sales to terrorist suspects On Monday, June 20, the US Senate rejected four proposals to limit the sale of arms in America. Also, it is still as easy to sell weapons to terrorist suspects.

Attack in Orlando

After the drama in Orlando, where shooter Omar Mateen killed 49 people in a homoclub, the Senate voted for the four proposals. Never before has one attacker taken so many victims during a US attack. The FBI for terrorism has previously investigated Omar Mateen several times, but eventually he was able to purchase weapons. Such as the weapon called AR-15 that he used in Orlando, during his attack.

Government proposals

The government wanted to try to prevent people suspected of terrorism from buying firearms. With this they hope to counter this kind of attack. In another plan it was proposed that a court could get three days to decide whether the government could prohibit a person from purchasing a weapon. The government also proposed extending to research the history of people purchasing weapons via the Internet or arms exchanges.

And in the last proposal, authorities are informed when someone who has been investigating in the last five years with regard to suspicion of terrorism tries to buy a weapon. The Democrats and the Republicans have submitted each two of the aforementioned proposals. The Republicans do not agree with the proposals of the Democrats, because they find that these plans violate the fundamental right of all Americans to buy a weapon. However, the Democrats believe that the Republican plans do not go far enough and make little difference in practice.


It is very striking that the Senate does not agree with all proposals. Certainly after all the fights of recent years, public pressure to take action has increased further. Especially when you look at the polls, according to the press agency Reuters. It appears that 71% of the US population finds that arms sales need to be tightened. In 2013, this was still 60%. Even the National Rifle Association (NRA) agreed to join in the plan to ban the sale of weapons to terrorist suspects.

Insiders report that the Republicans and Democrats in the Senate are working on a new compromise proposal, both of which will be agreed. Once this proposal has been completed, it must be voted on again.


President Barack Obama visited victims and relatives of the Orlando attack to express his support. He has been advocating progressive arms laws for years, but this continues to stagnate. So it seems, arms policy will play a major role during the presidential elections that will take place in November this year.

Presidential elections

Donald Trump, the Republican presidential candidate, was pleased with the current US arms laws after the failed vote. ‘With current laws, the rights of Americans are ensured’, said Donald Trump. Although he mentioned that people listed on potential terrorists or on no-fly lists should not be able to purchase weapons. Hillary Clinton, the Democratic presidential candidate, responded to twitter with only one word, ‘Enough’. Under this reaction, she put a list of names of all victims of the Orlando attack. Both views are therefore clear.

Last update

Last update

The American Law on the Movement of Arms was last modified in 2007, 9 years ago. Over time, both the Senate and the House of Representatives agreed to introduce people with mental disabilities and criminals to a database of people where additional research should be done when they want to purchase a weapon. There are more than 310 million weapons in circulation, which means a single weapon per capita.