05 April 2018

Sights in The United States

The most popular sights in The United States

1. The Strip – Las Vegas

If people think of Las Vegas often the first thing that comes to mind is the Las Vegas Strip, which is also the epicenter of the city. There is something for everybody along the kilometers long boulevard, which is filled with shops, museums, casinos and hotels. Also keep in mind the huge shows, firework spectacles and famous movie locations. 17 of the 20 largest hotels are located at the strip and together they share over 62,000 rooms.

2. Times Square – New York

Times Square is the busiest and most visited touristic sight in New York. This huge square is known for its many lit promotion displays, the large amount of Broadway theaters and cinemas, and enormous buildings. Much to see in the city that never sleeps.

3. Central Park – New York

Central Park is located in the center of the borough Manhattan and is one of the places that make New York City such a loved city. This enormous park has 341 acres and is like an oasis of peace and quiet for everybody. The park has multiple lakes, theaters, ice skating rinks, and fountains. There is also a lot of space for athletes, since there are various baseball and tennis fields, and large and smaller play grounds. Long story short, Central Park is an oasis of peace in the big city!

4. Union Station – Washington

Union Station is an important train station in Washington D.C. Union Station is one of the busiest train station of The United States with more than 40 million visitors and it has many stores, cafés and restaurants. During the construction of the Union Station it was the largest train station in the world, and with her immense surface the largest building in The United States.