25 October 2018


About 22 million people live in Texas. Texas is the largest state of The United States and is located in the south of the country. The state is known for its ranches and oil sources which you can find here. The capital city of Texas is Austin. Other large cities in the state are: Houston, San Antonio and Dallas. Many people don’t see Texas as a holiday destination, but that is a misconception. The nature reserves and cities are definitely interesting to visit. 

Traveling around 

If you would like to travel around, Texas is a great state to do so. You can combine you Texas trip with for instance, Florida and Tennessee. During your trip you can enjoy both nature and cities. In Texas you can find a lot of places where you can stay over night for cheap. You can also spend the night at a campsite. 

National Parks 

Apart from cities you can also find beautiful nature in Texas. In the state you can find two large national parks, namely; Guadalupe Mountains National Park and the Big Bend National Park. The Guadalupe Mountains National Park is located in a mountain area, here you can go hiking and enjoy the breath-taking views. In the Big Bend National Park, you can find deserts, canyons and other unique rocky formations. 


A well-known city in Texas is Houston. Houston is the fourth largest city of the country and there is a lot you can do and see here. The most famous sight of the city is the Houston Space Center. If you are interested in space travel, this is definitely a place you should visit. You can also find various interesting museums in Houston. And lost but not least, the night life in Houston is amazing, because most bars have live music.  


Dallas is mostly known because of the television show; Dallas. The city is very attractive for tourists. There are many sights you can visit, like the Reunion Tower and the John D. Kennedy Memorial. It is advisable to rent a car, since the sights are often located far away from each other. 


The ranches are very famous in Texas. These are large horse ranches where they sometimes even have matches. Most ranches are not open for tourists, although there are a couple of places where you can visit as tourist. At some of these ranches it is even possible to spend the night and really get to know the Texas life, especially the horse riding. Sometimes there are special arrangements available.