15 March 2018

The United States with kids | part 1

What is better than going on vacation with your kids! The United States brings an amazing experience for you as parent and your children. You can choose to do a road trip with a rented camper or car, but you can also choose luxury by booking hotels that will help you enjoying the spots you like care free. The holiday starts with good preparation. If you go on a holiday with a child or a baby it is not necessary to bring everything along.

In The United States there are more than enough places to buy stuff for your baby and almost every hotel is equipped with a microwave to heat your baby’s bottle. You can find a lot of stuff for your baby or toddler in one of the many supermarkets. For children younger than 2 years old, you will not have to reserve a seat in the plane, airlines allow you to keep your baby on your lap during the duration of the flight. You can ask for a special bassinet for your baby, this is a type of cradle which can be mounted on the airplane wall. This way your baby will be able to sleep during the flight.

Always make sure you bring a pacifier or a nose spray with you during the fight to prevent ear pain. Most of the time you will have quite some free time after checking in for your flight, use this time to have your kids run around for a bit to make sure they lose as much energy as possible. On some airports they have special play grounds designed for children to do just that. You also have baby lounges on some airports where you and your baby can get some rest before the flight, while the older kids enjoy themselves on the playground.

Another recommendation is a buggy, since you will probably need to walk reasonable distances during the trip. A back or front carrier can also be ideal for longer walks. You might not be able to get a baby bed in every hotel; therefore, might it be handy to bring a small sleeping tent. The tent is easily foldable and can be used to sleep and play in. The tent is also ideal for a day at the beach, since it gives you the chance to create some shade for your baby. For the older kids it is important to have something they can do during the flight. Often airplanes offer a lot of entertainment, however do bring enough toys with you. You will be able to ask for child and baby meals during long flights. These meals often get served earlier so you will have the time to feed them without the risk of your own dinner getting cold.

And then after hours in the sky you will finally reach The United States! Your kids will be full of energy and will want to discover everything. Unfortunately, there are some things that need to be done. Firstly, you will have to get through the douane which can take quite a lot of time. After that you will have to go to the baggage claim to pick up your baggage, most kids like to get their baggage of the baggage claim. When you have done all this you can finally start your trip to the resort or hotel. Do not forget to reset your watch to the new time zone. It is important for children to pick up the new rhythm in The United States, eating at the local time and sleeping and waking up the local time. This way they will be the least perceptible to a jetlag. It can be a clever idea to figure out a route and schedule with the kids on the first day. This will help them know what to expect.

Part 2 will give you a lot of tips on sightseeing for you as parent, but of course also for the kids!