22 March 2018

The United States with kids | part 2

Going on holiday with the whole family to The United States is not something a lot of people do annually, that’s why when families do get a chance to visit they try to see as much as possible. Most people know that there are multiple enormous theme parks in The United States. In Florida they have a ton of theme parks in which you could enjoy yourself for weeks with the kids. 

The two most famous theme parks in Florida are Disney World resort and Universal Studios Orlando. Disney World resort is divided in; Magic Kingdom, Epcot, MGM Studios, Animal Kingdom, Blizzard Beach, and Typhoon Lagoon. You cannot visit everything in this enormous park in a daytrip. Luckily there are various accommodations which allow you to spend the night. 

Universal Studios Orlando is divided in; Universal Studios Florida, The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Universal City Walk and Islands of Adventure. This park too is too big to visit everything in a daytrip. Even though the waiting lines in these resorts are reasonable due to strict organisation and the spacious set up, it can get so busy in the peak season that the waiting lines get super long. 

To get around waiting lines you can apply for a fast pass, which allows you to get in the priority lines. Another highly recommended park to visit is Sea World. This park is a lot smaller and is themed with sea animals. Lovely to visit during a sweltering day! The park offers a ton of shows with dolphins, orcas and sea lions among other things. 

However, Florida has more to offer than just theme parks. You can also perfectly relax on the beaches like those of Miami for a couple of days. There are kid friendly beaches and of course The Keys, where you can swim with dolphins. 

Exploring the city is also fun with kids! In the midst of Miami is the Cuban neighbourhood, Little Havana, located. This is one of those fun places to explore with your children. The people in this neighbourhood speak Spanish, which makes you forget you are in The United States for a while. If the kids are a little older you can take a trip with the air boat in the Everglades. This is an exciting trip since you will be able to see crocodiles here. 

A completely different part of The United States and a lot less chaotic as Florida is California. Here too you can find a lot of theme parks, but also beautiful nature. Along the coast lines you will be able to try all kinds of sportive activities. A great example of this is Laguna Beach; taking a nice long walk along the boulevard, surfing, swimming and playing, everything is possible. 

You can enjoy the gorgeous sunset while having a lovely dinner with the family. It is also possible to rent bikes at many places along the coast, also bikes for the kids. In one day you can visit the coast, the ocean, the quiet forests and the dessert. In addition to seeing animals like; deer, hawks, dolphins and orcas. 

You can also make the decision to go exploring on foot, which might be even handier with small children. On foot you can visit the oases in the dessert or walk on the deserted beaches. You can also go mountain climbing in California. 
It is always windy in the San Francisco Bay and in San Diego, this makes for a wonderful place to rent a sailing boat with or without captain and sail to the most beautiful spots along the coast. 

You can experience an exciting adventure in the wild west on the west coast. This adventure is unforgettable with an intriguing story and the Grand Canyon as décor.  

The immense cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles are also very suitable for children, although you shouldn’t take them shopping all day… Luckily there is a lot more to do, like; crossing the Golden Gate bridge with a cable car or small train, or visiting the film set in Hollywood. 

There is so much to see and experience with children in The United States.