01 November 2018

Top 10 populair national parks

1. Great Smoky Mountains – North Carolina, Tennessee 

The mountains are located in the south of the Appalachia. The area exists of many mountains and hills which are divided by deep valleys. The highest point of the park is the Clingmans Dome, which is 2025 meters high. The park owes his name to the mist which hangs on the mountain tops. 

2. Yellowstone – Wyoming 

This national park is largely located in Wyoming. Yellowstone is the oldest national park in the world. It is also the largest national park in The United States. For the most part the park exists of forests. There are geysers, mud pots, hot springs and fumaroles in the park. You can also find many animals in the park like; bears, cayotes, wolves and bison. The national park has over 800 kilometres of paved roads and even more in hiking trails. 

3. Badlands – South Dakota 

This landscape has an earth that exists out of clay and is located in a desert area. The water and wind erosion caused many canyons, ravines and hoodoos to appear. A 100-kilometre-long line of rocks with surrounding grass fields form a great contrast. 

4. Death Valley – California 

It is a valley and has the lowest point of The Unites States. The area is surrounded by mountains. It is the hottest and driest area of The United States. Here you can find craters, rocks, sand dunes and parts of desert area. The valley is part of a national park with the same name. 

5. Denali – Alaska 

This national park is located in Alaska, where you can also find the highest mountain of The United States, the Mount McKinley Denali. In the lower areas there are mostly woods. In the higher areas moss and bushes grow. In the highest areas you can also find many glaciers. Many animals live here, like; grizzly bears, wolves, beavers, foxes and elk. 

6. Everglades – Florida 

Everglades is a swamp landscape; many shallow rivers flow here. The natural park is being determined by the significant differences in periods of drought and floods, sunshine and heavy rainfall. Here you can find animals, like; turtles, snakes, alligators and crocodiles, who thrive here. 

7. Glacier – Montana 

Glacier Montana is located in the Rocky Mountains. The mountains reach heights over 3 kilometres, where you can find glaciers. The park has many lakes, waterfalls and over 1000 types of trees and plants. You can also find many animals here like; otters, beavers, elk and bears. 

8. Grand Canyon – Arizona 

This landscape is shaped by a gigantic deep and wide gap, and the stone has been exposed after water erosion of the Colorado river over billions of years. It is known for the ravines and rocks. 

9. Arches – Utah 

In comparison to other national parks in The United States this one is quite small. It is known for the many rock formations in beautiful shapes and arches (natural bridges). In the summer the temperatures can rise over the 30 degrees Celsius. 

10. Shenandoah – Virginia 

Shenandoah has a mountain/ hilly landscape with a lot of forests. The highest point is the Hawksbill Mountain at a height of 1235 meters. There is one road that leads through the park which is called Skyline Drive. Along the road there are many parking lots, which give you a magnificent view over the Blue Ridge and the Shenandoah valley. There are many waterfalls which can easily be accessed on foot. You will also find rivers, rocks and many wild animals and birds of prey in this park.