18 December 2017

Visa requirement

Visa requirement for five European countries if they do not tighten their security measures.

Visa requirement

Because the terrorist groups are still attacking, the US Department of Foreign Affairs warns the Americans to be careful in public transport and public places when they travel to Europe. These terrorist groups focus mainly on highly visited locations. Think of sports events, tourist attractions, restaurants, stations and airports.
The ministry advised travellers to avoid these places as much as possible, and to be extra alert during religious holidays and at major festivals.

Visa requirement for five European countries

Due to recent attacks in Europe, the US Department of Foreign Security has decided to warn five European countries about the fact that citizens should probably apply for a Visa again when they travel to the US.
These countries are Belgium, Germany, France, Greece and Italy. These countries have failed to tighten security measures to prevent terrorist attacks. Their security against migratory terrorists would fail. Washington has demanded that these countries should tighten security measures before 1 February 2016.
Politicians indicate that if these countries do not adjust security measures, they will be taken from the list of 38 countries of the Visa Waiver Programme whose citizens are not required to obtain US Visas for the US. At the moment there are about 20 million people without a Visa. Whether these countries have reached the deadline of February 1 is not yet clear.

Many passports lost or stolen

Washington is afraid that there are terrorists coming to the US who travel from a Visa-free country to the US. In Europe, at least 34 million passports are stolen or lost. Unfortunately, there are also more false passports in circulation.

Terrorist attack on the US

The US security advisors told President Obama on Monday, March 28, that there is currently no indication of a possible terrorist attack on the US, as previously in Brussels. President Obama had a conversation with twenty-two security advisors on the same day about the consequences of the attacks in Brussels. At the end of this meeting, Obama indicated that he had sent his security team to counter the attacks of the IS.