01 September 2017

What if you request a residence permit for America, will you be allowed or not

Now that Trump is in power, it becomes increasingly difficult to enter America and even worse for the applicants who apply for a residence permit. Would it be possible for them to succeed?

What if you request a residence permit for America, will you be allowed or not?

Trump has made quite a few changes recently. For instance, he sets new demands for applying for a residence permit for America. But suppose you need a residence permit for America, would you be assigned one with all these new terms of Trump?

Fame and wealth

Nowadays, you must be of very good origin or at least one top sportsman with all kinds of gold medals on your name, that Trump would allow you to his country. If Trump gets what he wants, new immigrants must first undergo a test before they can qualify for a residence permit for America.

Family in the US

When your family lives in America, you may qualify for a Green Card. But Trump is not so happy with this rule and plans to cancel it. The magazine 'Time' has made a test based on the new terms Trump wants to enter. By taking the test you can find out if you are eligible for a residence permit.

What questions can you expect?

To qualify for a residence permit you must score at least 30 points on the test. You will be asked for your age. If you are between 26 and 30 years old, you already have 10 points. Also, they would like to know what your highest level of education is. You can score up to 13 points if you are a Dr in science, technology, engineering or mathematics. You also earn a lot of points when you speak fluent English, but that actually speaks for itself. It is also important whether you have been offered a job in America, and what salary you would earn. You will also get the question if you have ever won a ‘Nobel Prize’ or an Olympic medal. Apparently, Trump claims quite a few demands. Finally, you are asked how much money you plan to invest in America.

The target

It is ultimately intended that immigrants who want to become Americans are highly educated and have a good salary. In order to let the new Americans really contribute to society and for economic growth. So, if you want to apply for a residence permit and you have a low income and you are well educated, you unfortunately do not have a chance to be admitted.


The proposal made for the new rules for applying for a residence permit has been made by two Republicans. Trump has indicated these new rules. However, RAISE (Reforming American Immigration for Strong Employment Act) has not received any support from the Senate. Trump indicates that by introducing this law millions of dollars will be earned because the migration flow would then fall drastically. He also finds this law fairer to the ‘ordinary American’. ‘Americans deserve legislation that gives priority to their needs’, he says.


Trump thinks that the ‘ordinary American’ has to compete with all new Americans to get a job and he disagrees with that idea. Trump also indicates that salaries decrease due to the flow of immigrants. However economists have investigated this, and after research it has been found that immigrants actually have little effect on the level of salaries. Economists think that a possible drop of immigrants would even have a negative impact on the US economy.