29 November 2018

What you need to know about the Niagara Falls

Between The United States and the border of Canada the Niagara Falls are located, one of the wonders of nature. The Niagara Falls is one of the best visited touristic spots of The United States, but what exactly can you do and see here? The answer to that question can be found in this article. 

The Niagara Falls consist of three parts: 

1) The Horseshoe falls, this is the most famous part of the waterfalls, 90 percent of the water falls down this waterfall. 
2) The American Falls, this the biggest waterfall that is in its entirety located in The United States. This waterfall is 21 metres high and lets the water fall down in a straight line. 
3) The Bridal Veil Falls, this is the smallest waterfall and it is separated by the small island; Luna Island. 

Via a large pedestrian bridge, which crosses the waterfalls, you can reach both islands. These three waterfalls are all part of the 56-kilometres-long Niagara River and form the border between The United States and Canada. Over the Niagara Falls down the waterfalls the Rainbow Bridge is located, which connects the cities Ontario and New York. To enter one of the cities through this bridge from the other side, you will need a valid passport and a valid ESTA travel authorisation. 

Do you really want to get to know everything, for instance about the history of these waterfalls? In that case you should visit the Imax Theatre. In this pyramid shaped building a movie theatre can be found. On a screen that is over 6 metres they show a 45 minutes movie about how the waterfalls came to be and how they got discovered. Next to the theatre is the Minolta tower, from the top of this tower you have an amazing view of the Horseshoe Falls. Especially at night this view is absolutely breath taking, the spectacular light show gives the waterfall different colours, which you can admire from the top of this tower. Do you want to get even higher up? In that case the Skylon Tower is the place for you, in a glass elevator you will go 233 metres up in the air. 

From this height you have an amazing view of the waterfalls, you can also eat and drink something here in one of the two restaurants. For the real thrill seekers there is also a huge Ferris wheel of 53 metres! This wonder of nature can also be seen from up close. Take a boat trip on board of the Maid of the Mist, these boats can carry 300 people and will get you up to 182 metres in front of the waterfall. During this trip you get a rain cape and plastic bags to protect important stuff like, cameras and phones. 

From the road that runs next to the waterfalls you will reach the fair like Clifton Hill; this street is also called the street of fun. Here you can eat and drink in one of the many restaurants/bars, or you can go shopping in one of the souvenir shops, or you can just enjoy the street from one of the hotels that are located next to it. You can also go and get scared in the house of Frankenstein, the Criminals Hall, Dracula’s Castle or the House of Horrors. 

This of course is something you must like. This environment also offers casino’s, museums, mini golf and theatres, and it is definitely worth your time to take a ride in the super luxurious Ferris wheel. You can also go on a day trip. What about a day in Marine Land? Which is a zoo and theme park in one! This park has many water rides and rollercoasters. The largest and fastest rollercoaster in the world can be found in Marine Land. You could also enjoy one of the biggest dolphins shows or feed the fish. 

At Niagara Falls there are various good hotels and accommodations you can rent with view of the waterfalls. There are 56 hotels in the surroundings of the Niagara Falls in Canada and New York. For more information on all the hotels at the Niagara Falls you can take a look at www.niagarafallslive.com