Can I cancel after I have finished with my ESTA application?

Unfortunately is not possible to cancel your US Visa ESTA application once you have finished. Once we have received your payment, there will be an immediate check of your ESTA status. You then will not be able to get your payment back.

I have filled in the application incorrectly; will I be able to change my details?

Once we have received your payment, we will check your application for any errors and after that your ESTA application is submitted directly to the officers at the US CBP. Unfortunately it is not possible to change your details in the ESTA application after submission. In case you would want to change details, you would need to apply for a new ESTA. The costs for the new application will be at your expense. Only your e-mail address and your accommodation in the US can be changed on the ESTA form. We are not responsible for incorrect details filled in during an ESTA application.

My date of arrival has been changed; can I still change the details of my ESTA authorisation?

No, unfortunately it will not be possible to change the details of your US ESTA authorisation.

The validity of your ESTA USA can be checked in the confirmation e-mail you received from us after application.