What are the benefits when applying for an ESTA with us?

1. Our service includes payment with Debit Card and Credit Card

2. We also deliver your US ESTA document by post

3. You can contact our UK customer service (opening hours see contact page)

4. With a delayed approval, your travel authorisation will automatically be forwarded to your email via our system

5. One month before your ESTA Visa will expire we will send you a notification to remind you that your ESTA validity period is about to expire

6. Both manual and automated ESTA checks are performed to avoid crucial mistakes once your data is entered in our system

7. We will review your USA ESTA application for travel allowance allocation

8. Your personal details entered during application are handled with the utmost of care. However, in case of any mistake made by one of our team members, you are entitled to re-submit your application for free

9. We are at your service during opening hours to assist you during your application for an ESTA Visa and on request we will provide you with personal assistance

10. We guarantee you will find no errors on our website during your ESTA application in our form.

Is esta-applications.uk part of the official government of the US?

No, we are not part of the US government. We are a full service company. Our aim is to offer good value for money meaning excellent service and efficient process against a fair price. In this way we distinguish from all other online providers. We guarantee that we make it as easy as possible for you to apply for a US ESTA and we make sure you will avoid any problems at US Customs, which then enables you to travel with ease within the USA. If you choose for us your ESTA application is verified, registered and assigned by the US Department of Homeland of Security.