Privacy and security

How can you guarantee privacy of my personal details?

Our privacy policy and our way of working standards are made up in accordance with the Data protection rules in the EU.

Under EU law, personal data can only be gathered legally under strict conditions, for a legitimate purpose. Furthermore, persons or organisations which collect and manage your personal information must protect it from misuse and must respect certain rights of the data owners which are guaranteed by EU law. Therefore, common EU rules have been established to ensure that your personal data enjoys a high standard of protection everywhere in the EU. The EU's Data Protection Directive also foresees specific rules for the transfer of personal data outside the EU to ensure the best possible protection of your data when it is exported abroad. Please check for more information on the topic.

We comply with these rules and are registered. Furthermore your personal details will only be handled by our own selected staff members, who work under our Code of Conduct. Finally our Internet security is provided by a reliable company also complying with the EU regulations and specialised in internet service and website security.

For more information about the safety and storage of your personal details you can always contact us by telephone or by e-mail.

How are my personal details safeguarded?

Your personal details will be securely stored at the American Department of Homeland Security. Except your address details which will have been stored off-line in our system. The official application number, which was sent by the American CBP, will be stored temporarily (for the maximum of the US ESTA validity of 2 years), in order to inform customers when your ESTA is about to expire. Also your personal details have been coded during transmission where SSL connection has been used. The Internet security is provided by an excellent company in internet services, specialising in website security. If you wish to know more about your Internet security, you can always contact us by mail or telephone.

How long will my personal details be saved?

Your personal details will be securely stored at the system of the American Department of Homeland Security. The American DHS will archive your personal information for a period of 12 years.

For our own customer administration we only store your name and address. All other personal information will not be held in our system.

During the validity of an ESTA authorisation we hold the official application number of the American CBP in our system (which is 2 years from the date of issue of the ESTA). The maximum validity is visible at the authorisation, which you have received from us by email.

You can always contact us to remove your name and address from our system, and naturally we will comply with your request.