13 January 2017

Visa requirement for America

The European Parliament wants to introduce a Visa for Americans who wish to travel to Europe because of the violation of the principle of reciprocity.

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07 January 2017

What does the Trump's customised travel ban consist of?

A travel ban in the US and what exactly does it mean? We will explain it to you.

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30 December 2016

Check on social media accounts at US customs

The United States border control checks foreign travellers on social media accounts. By viewing social media accounts, the government is trying to identify ‘potential threats’.

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22 November 2016

U.S. Customs and Border Protection now has an online I-94 application form

The I-94 application form has recently been requested online to accelerate the arrivals in America. This form is comparable to the ESTA which you can request on our website. The difference is that ESTA applies only to travellers arriving by boat or airplane to America, and the I-94 form for travellers arriving from Mexico or Canada.

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13 November 2016

Introduction Face Detection at different airports in the US

The US CBP test with Biometric Face Detection at several international airports in the US.

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08 November 2016

EU wants own ESTA

The European Commission would like to have an ESTA for Europe for American residents.

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20 October 2016

New York City Marathon

Every year on the first Sunday of November, the New York City Marathon is held.

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23 September 2016

Weapon possession grew in the US by social fear

Weapon possession in the US continues has grown, as citizens feel increasingly unsafe in their own country

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11 September 2016

Battle ax between the US and Cuba seems to bury

It seems that the US and Cuba have reached an agreement. They are already making plans for the future.

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06 August 2016

Obama's speech: Islamic state loses ground, but danger remains

Barack Obama says that the bolster of Islamic State has diminished, but warns that the terrorist cell is still a threat.

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